Weekend Round Up..Hawaii Fashion Michael Kors Style…

IMG_1698This mini fashion update this week is full tribute to Michael Kors..kind of by accident, but kind great at the same time. Upon arrival into Honolulu this week, I headed straight to the Waikele Premium Outlet Mall, about 40 minutes West of Waikiki Beach. A 10 hour flight, little sleep and a touch of jet lag, did nothing to slow me down. With an enormous desire to grab a bargain I made my way to the Michael Kors outlet store. Rack upon rack of winter sale items greeted me…called out my name in fact. The best thing about the US is always the shopping, and if you time it right, the seasonal sales suit the Aussie shopper perfectly. So I strolled out of there one happy camper..A fabulous Beige and Gold studded tote bag..plus an arrangement of delicious knitwear..3 different styles, all the colours available..I have no problem in doubling up on a style with all the colours.. gold boucle jacket plus a stunning grey cashmere poncho with a detachable fur collar..divine..all for under $600 bucks…I shudder to think what it would cost full RRP..at the start of winter..In the homeland..First stop in the mall proved to be a winner..Next stop..Adidas!

Trump Dinner 1 : White Zara jeans, Fawn Cut Out Michael Kors knit, and my new favourite carry all..Michael Kors Tote.

Trump Dinner 2 : Zara Zip Denim jeans, Black Country Road Camisole, plus new Gold Sequin and Boucle Cropped Jacket..Thank You Michael Kors.

Ritz Carlton Dinner : The same ‘ol white jeans ..again..travelling light to pack heavy..Topped off with a Ink Cutout Michael Kors Knit..#2 of the 3 colours..and my Stella silver studded jacket. Plus a diversion from my usual eyeliner..a new Mac Purple Liner…like it.

Fashion Update Hawaii Style.. with a Michael Kors Flavour..


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