Aloha… Mid Week Hawaiian Inspiration..My Top Movie Picks on Location In Hawaii

Aloha… Mid Week Hawaiian Inspiration..My Top Movie Picks on Location In Hawaii

Aloha..I’m currently enjoying some time in Hawaii. So what better topic for the mid week inspiration, than Greatest All Time Movies filmed on location on this magical island.

From Here To Eternity; is a film from 1953 directed by Fred Zinnemann and based on the novel by James Jones. It stars, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra, along side beauties Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed. It tells the tale of enlisted men in Hawaii fighting for love and honour on the the eve of WW1….oh and how can you ever forget that passionate beach scene..You just can’t..all time most romantic scene ever…


Elvis Presley stars in Blue Hawaii, a film from 1961. Upon discharge from the Army, he returns to Hawaii to enjoy life with his buddies and girlfriend, against the wishes of his parents, who want him to work for the family business. This movie is feel good fun time with great island scenery and music from the rockin’ ’60’s. Cutey Patootie…


Blue Crush is a full surfer chick. Set in 2002, starring Kate Bosworth, it tells the story of 3 friends who live slightly dysfunctional lives, but share one passion: living the ultimate dream of surfing on Hawaii’s famed North Shore. Perfect barrels roll in and these chicks can surf!..Apparently Kate did all of her own stunts in this film..thats one gutsy surfer gal..

gp055767One of my favourites…50 First Dates ..its a classic love story with a twist. Its charming and funny and demonstrates how true love can conquer all. The scenery in this film is stunning and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore play out their characters perfectly. The film was Shot on location in Oahu and the North Shore and driving through there today for breakfast..I fully expected to see Adam Sandler and broken down car on the road up ahead..but alas..he was nowhere to be seen..


Ok…The best for last…2011..Mr George Clooney in The Descendants..GC plays a Honolulu based lawyer and the sole trustee that controls pristine land on the island of Kaua’i. His wife is in a coma, he finds out she was having an affair..and he has to raise his 2 daughters solo..In a nutshell it sounds midly depressing..But here’s when the hero of the day..The magical Hawaiian backdrop and culture raises the bar and takes the film to great heights..George Clooney may help a little….Or perhaps lot..This movie is a pleasure to watch..

So go Make your self a Coconut Dacquiri and sit back, sip, and enjoy a Hawaiian Themed Movie night…



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