Mid Week Inspiration – Black and Gold My Day

Mid Week Inspiration – Black and Gold My Day


I must admit I have a thing for Black and Gold..Black and Gold in all shapes and form. Decor, fashion, shoes, makeup..the whole tikkedy boo. If I could wear it, drive, sip it, live it …I would… As I am unable to run my daily life like a Versace Commercial..I have put together a mid week inspiration based on my colour crush..


Black bamboo and Gold inspired arm candy..layer it up and the effect is instant glam.


Imagine my delight when I win the Lottery and I can zip around town in my custom Black and Gold Lotus….

b6627302a661935d08bb57aa96c9967fSubtle references of the Black pendant lights with gold lining, to reflect a sophistication beyond compare.


Christian Louboutin sure knows how to design a pair of killer kicks..These fringed beauties are beyond words and I want a pair..Pronto


Gold Bullion…No explanation needed…

1st dibs wheat table

This table draws me in and wants me to sit at it..the base is sublime and the detail is so simple its intoxicating..


Heading out on the town with the gals?…What better way to make to make everyone sit up and take notice then to sprinkle a little gold dust…


This is my favourite bar..the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel..The rich furnishings entwined with the soft gold hued lighting is hitting the mark..

Gold..Always believe in your soul ….


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