Weekend Round Up…What I Wore for Back to School Week..


Back to the real world with a huge bang…..Back to school for the kids…Back to work for me…Back to reality…Back to racing out the door half dressed with toast in hand..Back to juggling pick ups and drop offs and meetings, and gym sessions, and walking the dog, and supermarket runs, and washing and lunch box menus…Back..with..a..Thud…

So what better then to reward myself with a girls Friday night out..An invitation to the Prince of Wales roof top Deck Bar, by 8 Degrees Marketing, was RSVP’d ..YES Please….And we were in.. So what to wear…Its a little bit of a who’s who of the nobody set..but one still feels the need to impress…Cue..the Cue Black Slouchy Pants with the white stripe..comfortable and a bit gangsta..for the middle aged..Added a Decjuba Black string top ..a wardrobe staple..and then I added again, rather than taking an item off as we are taught…I pulled on the pop of bling required to dress the outfit..UP.. the Forever New Multi Sequin Cropped Jacket..My own little disco ball with sleeves…and I Had a great night with the girls..we are always up for a laugh and a little sip….

Saturday night was a family affair…My man had the pleasure of dining out with 7 females..2 out of my 3 daughters with their friends, one of my close girlfriends  with her daughter and her friend..all girls… he took it all in his stride. We ate a our favourite understated Italian restaurant again..and it was great. Sportsgirl Cargo Pants, check..Phaedro USA Cream Sheer top, check..Llama Cream Fur vest, check..Classic Raybans..Old originals from the early ’90’s, check…Saturday night casual eats with special people..Oh and a celebrity spotting to boot…Thankyou Kris Smith..(Danni Minogues ex and baby daddy)..You topped off our night perfectly….


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