When Art Gets Seriously Sexy…ThankYou Slim Aarons

I recently discovered the work from famous photographer Slim Aarons. Slim Aarons, born George Allen Aarons (October 29, 1916, Manhattan – May 29, 2006, Montrose, New York), was an American photographer noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities.  I love his photographs.. I enjoy looking at them..I enjoy thinking about them… I enjoy the idea, in my own head,..that I could totally be IN one of those photographs….Daydreaming never hurt anyone..right?

Slim Aarons gives a voyeuristic peek into the lives of the jet-lagged jet-set at play. ’70s stars make suntanned appearances, but the real stars are the locations: private summer residences in Palm Beach, Porto Ercole, Puerto Vallarta, Monaco, and Costa Smeralda, as well as famous hotels like Acapulco’s Las Brisas and La Concha, the Hotel du Cap in Antibes and Villa d’Este on Lake Como.

This style of art photography, can be accommodated in a whole variety of spaces. Don’t be afraid to hang oversized pieces in your home to create drama….

I hope you enjoy some of my favourite Slim Aaron’s famous photographs..

SLI0081_websourcePoolside Gossip Located at a desert house in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman, 1970.

SLI0086_websourceUnderwater Drink  In the pool at Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, 1972.

SLI0075_websourceGiacorno Montegazza                                                                                       Giacorno and Stefania Montegazza welcome guests arriving by boat at their villa, La Casinella, on Lake Como, 1983.


Snowmass Picnic , A stand-up fondue picnic for skiers at Snowmann-at-Aspen, Colorado, 1968.

SLI0077_websourceHotel Sports, Holiday makers water-skiing in front of the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, 1958.


Guests By The Pool, Hotel Du Cap  Antibes, France 1976

imagesNice Pool, Mrs F C Winston guest and her son in front of their Grecian temple pool on the Ocean-front estate, Palm Beach, 1955.

If only I could fill each and every wall with these amazing and historic art pieces….  “Once upon a time, life was not better. It was different. Once upon a time everything was optimism, because nothing was bad for you.”              

Exactly…Slim Aarons ..Exactly..


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