As Australia Celebrates….Let’s Peek at My All Time Aussie Icons..

As Australia Celebrates….Let’s Peek at My All Time Aussie Icons..


Talented Aussies are taking over the world..In all genres, from the arts, to architecture, into the fashion world and and and medicine..Our new country is choc -o- block full of enormous talent and potential..and we are creating a storm..So to celebrate our nations special day..I have put together a list of my top picks of Pure Aussie…

Becca Cosmetics: Mineral Bronzing Powder                                                    Get a sun-kissed glow all year long without ever catching a ray!   Conveniently packaged in a mirrored compact, BECCA’s Mineral Bronzing Powder is the perfect way to tan safely, even on the go


Alexi Freeman: Fashion Designer                                                           Currently based in Melbourne, his collections for women incorporate elements of hand drawn & printed textiles. Avante Garde and slightly over the top..He is my new favourite designer and I want to hunt down his outfits and wear them all…

Sparkling Wines: Aussie grape growers are certainly challenging the overseas big boys..Our wines can rival those of the international counterparts. Croser sparkling is a fresh light Pinot Noir and you need no excuse to pop a bottle of this..Cheers..

Sugar Baby is the wonderful creation of sisters Lizie and Nicci Clifton. A dynamic duo behind this total lifestyle beauty brand. A love affair with all things beach culture, and a belief that all that glitters is gold was the incentive to create such cool products. The range is all amazing, I especially love the tanning sprays and cremes..but the take on the all Aussie favourite Zinc sun the bomb..

Another Aussie favourite of mine, is architect Robert Mills. I adore his aesthetic…The mix of products and the sheer interest in his building design is super amazing… his team create modern, sustainable and finely crafted spaces…His work is definitely one to watch..

So there you have it…a snippet of Aussie Icons on this our nations birthday..


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