Its Summer..Its Winter…Its Summer Again..How to Mix up the Seasons in One Day..

Its Summer..Its Winter…Its Summer Again..How to Mix up the Seasons in One Day..

How do you feel about taking a day or two of freezing winter temperatures, smack bang in the middle of the hot ‘ol Aussie Summer???…

Keen?..So am I..

There are 2 Places to visit in Melbourne where you can do just that ..The Medicare Icehouse, in Docklands and the Chill On Ice Lounge Bar, located right in the heart of Southbank..

I decided to take the kids Ice skating last week..and we had a ball..We Rugged up and hit the Ice rink at the Docklands..The centre features two Olympic sized ice skating rinks, stadium seating for 1000 people, state-of-the-art sound and light systems, a gymcafébar, and much more.Whether you’re a first-time ice skater or a skating enthusiast, Medibank Icehouse is sure to be your new favourite recreation destination.

It was fun..The kids took off..zipping in and out..Perfect..Me?…It doesn’t seem as easy as it used to be.. Images of split fingers and broken bones harnessed my inner ice angel..who desperately wanted to wear a leotard and white boots…and glide..and glide..and jump and spin…In my head..I was amazing..In reality..I would liken my Skating Style to that of doing the robot dance in a club..stilted and jerky..knees turned way too far in..and never to far from the rails…it took 2 songs to get 1 circuit under my belt…But let me tell those 2 songs were killer..Spice Girls and Michael Jackson..I swear I moonwalked..Not on purpose mind you.. It was a good day..And if you want to be a millionaire..Open a skating rink….Just sayin’

Next stop on this Summer come Winter Wonderland, is the Chill On Ice Ski Lounge, at Southbank..Ive not actually been here…But I know some courageous people who have..Its fun..Its a novelty..Its a conversation starter…Until your toes start to freeze..

Nothing works up a thirst quite like an Antarctic winter deep in the heart of Melbourne. In summer.  Enjoy a drink surrounded by more than 50 tonnes of carved ice. Everything within the Ice Lounge is made of ice – from the bar to lean against, the couch to lounge on, even the glass you drink from! State-of-the-art lighting sets the tone, a fan-forced blizzard quickly gets you in the mood, and exquisitely carved ice sculptures provide the cool decor. All the while, you are wrapped snug as a bug in a rug; in ski jackets, gloves and woollen boots the venue provide. So forget the Christian Louboutins and the sexy mini on this night out..Nothing looks good on blue skin and goosebumps….

Take a time out from summer for a day and night….if you dare……ok..back to the pool lounge to thaw out for me……



2 thoughts on “Its Summer..Its Winter…Its Summer Again..How to Mix up the Seasons in One Day..

  1. Totally understand the harnessing of the inner ice angel, happened completely involuntarily for me when I was all set to channel Torvill and Dean.

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