Bali Eats n Drinks Diary Part 3…….Final..

Bali Eats n Drinks Diary Part 3…….Final..

The holiday is winding up…and I think we have managed to single handily eat or drink at every must see venue in Bali….I must thank my brother Piers, who is the tour leader extraordinaire. He researches restaurants and bars with a devout passion. He travels the globe with a dedicated & determined fierceness, to ensure no stone is left unturned when exploring new countries and all it has to offer. Thankyou.

Night #5

Pre dinner drinks @ Cocoon Beach Club. Situated at Double Six 66, has a slight Miami feel and a very chic design and vibe. Big White daybeds, perfect to just kick back and observe the clientele. Suited perfectly for daytime drinks and snacks, whilst overlooking the beach with the waves rolling in.. The service is faultless; friendly and attentive without being annoying. The cocktails are cold and hit the spot. The perfect blend of beach club cool with understated glam. I really like this place..We ate here last year and the food was faultless. This time is was just a quickie cocktail and then onto dinner..Cocoon, you deserve more recognition and I for one am happy to applaud you..

Next please… MAMA San Kitchen Bar Lounge…Upon entering MAMA San, I was impressed. Dark timber walls, detailed  fretwork panels with mirror, over sized chesterfield sofas, marble table tops and stunning pendant lights..All of my favourite materials in one place.. I was happy..Until, I was admonished by the wait staff for taking a picture..Let it be known, I take pics everywhere I go..In this age of social media overload and narcissistic selfie interaction, photos are a must do…At the end of the day, a pic posted is a venue promoted..So settle the hell down… Ok..moving on… I will start with the positives..the food was sublime…fresh and light…the decor was amazingly simple and effective….The negatives…we could not hear a thing our waiter all..the music piped slightly too loud for dinner… The seating was way too low..major design fault..the tables too high..its super uncomfortable to lounge back and eat dumplings with chop sticks, let me tell you..and the bathrooms were communal and the washbasin in full view of patrons..uber cool? or just bad taste…I’m disappointed that MAMA San was uncomfortable to dine in..I was looking forward to it..But won’t be rushing back…Lets hope we get back on track for Night 6..

Night #6 I stayed out shopping for longer than expected, and totally upset the 5pm pre dinner drink plan…oops…..Thats ok..Im sure thats what holidays are about…going with the flow…Anyhoo…Dinner was booked in advance for Metis..A French inspired 5 star restaurant and bar in Seminyak…so we headed straight to the bar for pre dinner drinks..(our driver was happy..and surprised to only be going to one place!)  We sat on the deck overlooking the rice paddy and sipped on Martinis and Bellinis and any other eenie..until it was time to move into the restaurant ..Booking early must have its advantages, because we were seated in the primo table spot..right at the open end of the room, closest to the rice was beautiful. A real mix of traditional rustic exteriors entwined with chic french style interior..a great blend. This was a really nice dinner. A light french Sangiovese complimented the Chateaubriand perfectly..however I was dubious about sampling the coffee. It is touted as being the most expensive in the world…at $20 a is brewed through non conventional methods..and a cat..enough said…Ice cream for one please ..sans coffee… Metis was a pleasure to dine in..and I would hurry back..

My waist has expanded and my taste buds have endured tastes it will remember for a life time..I hope you have enjoyed this sampler tour of Bali as much as I have enjoyed sampling it and sharing it with you..Until our next adventure..


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