Weekend Round up.. What I Wore To Bali


So this past week has seen a few outfit changes…Melbournes’ weather has been stinking hot and humid.. only for a day or 2 at a time….Typical..You just start getting into the heat..slapping on the faux tan..and the temp drops to sub zero and you smile and remember..its Melbourne..4 seasons in one day… So Monday night was warm and we grabbed the kids and headed to Chapel St, St Yarra..for our weekly dose of authentic Italian at La Lucciola ..the food is great, the waiters passionate  ..always more enjoyable!!…The kids adore it, the man adores it, I’m not cooking….what’s not to adore??..I wore a new Witchery Maxi dress..love the colour combo..the pinks and orange blend nicely..its a happy dress..teamed with fluro citrus flippy floppies, (gotta be on trend)…I guess??… and I was ready to get my Linguine Matriciana..On..

The next morning we headed to the airport. A trip to Bali for a week..no kids this time…some time out. I always travel with a wrap or poncho..usually jeans or cargo pants..and 2 tops…just in case ….so I paired my Zara denims with a Witchery navy top, added this seasons Ivory Country Road loose knit as the cover all..wore the hat..Checked Passports…tick, money..tick,..locked luggage??..not ticked..So my case traveled the day after and I wore Pyjama Shorts for 24 hrs….Note to self..2 tops and 2 bottoms..In the carry on from now on….

Friday Night we hit the Mozaic Beach Club in Keroboken, the dress code was ‘smart casual’…sequins are smart and a playsuit is casual ..right?..This little cropped number, just covers the shoulder. The sequin bolero is from Tim O’Connor..and the playsuit..a $10 bargain from last years trip to Bali..Senso Perspex kicks and a top knot to tame the humid frizz mane, and its off to enjoy the balmy night life…and enjoy it we did….


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