Bali Eat n Drinks Diary part 2……

Bali Eat n Drinks Diary part 2……

The mini blog continues as we strive ahead on what is fast becoming a Bloody Mary tour…                                                                                                                                                   Enjoy Part 2….

Night 3

We met up with some friends who happen to be in Bali, and headed straight to the SOS Rooftop bar..4th floor of the Anatara Hotel in Seminak. This is where I think I would like to stay next time I visit bali…Right overlooking the beach it is very uber chic and very impressive ..Mirror panels to reflect the ocean and the sunset..Huge large spaces with daybeds and millions of tables and chairs to cater for diners or serious drinkers alike…Facing the ocean with a frothy bloody mary in hand…..the signature drink for the SOS..The ambience was magic…Perfect start to the evening ..

Next stop…Mozaic Beach Club, Keroboken…My standout like no other ..favourite space of the trip so far….This Beach Club has to be seen to be believed..Perched so close to water you can taste it..We we phoned to book..we were told to dress smart casual ..In Bali??..This will give you some idea as to the respect it commands..The design and fit out is stunning….The restaurant itself set up quite maximise  the view of the we sat in opulent round booths and sipped cocktails while we took in the vast menu..superb….The food, amazing….Later we strolled down the more relaxed beach Bar downstairs, where the cabanas were spaced around the stunning pool area..I would love to return in daylight hours to capture the ambience of this beautiful domayne…This is a must do if you are ever in this part of the world…

Night 4

We decided to Head to Potato Head to check it out in the day…Stunning venue..Huge waterfront property with a mix of the euro chic in teeny bikinis..Lounging on day beds and delicately dipping into the vast pool overlooking the beach..I love Potato Head..the design, the feel, the beats softy playing throughout ..Great space to eat lunch and sip Prosecco in the sun..and people watch..and watch…

Tonight we decided to take it down a notch..go casual and take it easy..So we headed to the infamous Sea Circus..Which may just serve the best Baja Food this side of the border..A quaint shuttered little could easily disregard it for its bigger and bolder competitors in Seminyak..but don’t..Its another must do… Cute with a LA coast feel..the food is clean and simple and the cocktails refreshing and cold..served in jam jars with straws..I opted for the passionfruit and guava double shot was bloody brilliant…a quiet night and a perfect way to end another great day of sampling as much as we can of what the Bali venues has to offer…

and…I’m more than happy to forge ahead again tomorrow ….Til then….Sx

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