Life’s a Beach House… Summer Stylin’ Shacks

Life’s a Beach House… Summer Stylin’ Shacks


…Summer Holidays are Finally Here…This is my favourite time of the year bar none…The Christmas Crazy is over..The New Year has been Rung in..Now its time to kick back and Enjoy the time out….

We have spent the last few days at our friends beach house…right on the beach..We could sit on the deck and still call out to the kids on the sand…so now you know what I mean when I say right on the beach.. it was perfect..the boat, the jetski, the kids… and we sipped daiquiris and flicked through girly mags while the sun warmed our lazy bodies…it was divine..the beach house itself was a typical and ‘old school. A  50 year old 2 storey house with simple decor, a mix of old vintage plates, family heirloom chairs and double brass beds that squeaked and groaned and kept you cosy…It was an easy house to be a guest in….

What sort of beach house holiday do you like …Upmarket and chic..shiny and new with a contemporary edge thats all designer ?..Or ramshackle and familiar with a hint of age and stories to tell.. Take a peek at my selection of old and new and let me know your favourite..

Now go find one… get the sand on your toes and the salt in your hair and enjoy Summer…..Thats an order….Sx

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