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When Art Gets Seriously Sexy…ThankYou Slim Aarons

I recently discovered the work from famous photographer Slim Aarons. Slim Aarons, born George Allen Aarons (October 29, 1916, Manhattan – May 29, 2006, Montrose, New York), was an American photographer noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities.  I love his photographs.. I enjoy looking at them..I enjoy thinking about them… I enjoy the idea, in my own head,..that I could totally be IN one of those photographs….Daydreaming never hurt anyone..right?

Slim Aarons gives a voyeuristic peek into the lives of the jet-lagged jet-set at play. ’70s stars make suntanned appearances, but the real stars are the locations: private summer residences in Palm Beach, Porto Ercole, Puerto Vallarta, Monaco, and Costa Smeralda, as well as famous hotels like Acapulco’s Las Brisas and La Concha, the Hotel du Cap in Antibes and Villa d’Este on Lake Como.

This style of art photography, can be accommodated in a whole variety of spaces. Don’t be afraid to hang oversized pieces in your home to create drama….

I hope you enjoy some of my favourite Slim Aaron’s famous photographs..

SLI0081_websourcePoolside Gossip Located at a desert house in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman, 1970.

SLI0086_websourceUnderwater Drink  In the pool at Las Brisas Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico, 1972.

SLI0075_websourceGiacorno Montegazza                                                                                       Giacorno and Stefania Montegazza welcome guests arriving by boat at their villa, La Casinella, on Lake Como, 1983.


Snowmass Picnic , A stand-up fondue picnic for skiers at Snowmann-at-Aspen, Colorado, 1968.

SLI0077_websourceHotel Sports, Holiday makers water-skiing in front of the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, 1958.


Guests By The Pool, Hotel Du Cap  Antibes, France 1976

imagesNice Pool, Mrs F C Winston guest and her son in front of their Grecian temple pool on the Ocean-front estate, Palm Beach, 1955.

If only I could fill each and every wall with these amazing and historic art pieces….  “Once upon a time, life was not better. It was different. Once upon a time everything was optimism, because nothing was bad for you.”              

Exactly…Slim Aarons ..Exactly..


Mid Week Mood Board – Summer Inspiration

Mid Week Mood Board – Summer Inspiration


Sun. Sand. Sorbet. Stars….Summer..

Enjoy my summer inspiration board… perfect for midweek ..


Weekend Round Up..What I wore to celebrate Australia’s Birthday..


The summer holidays are winding up..The Australia Day Weekend is the last hoo-rah before kids are back to school and I am back to work full time…I’m quite liking the sleep ins, late morning beach walks with the kids and the one work meeting per day. The weather has cooled just slightly and the hot, hot days have shifted to warm, and nights need a little more I have worn just that….

Last week there was a movie night scheduled with my girlfriend …Great excuse to catch up..and take in a must see flick..Drinks and a quick bite before we headed off to see Les Miserables at the Jam Factory Gold Cinemas..a 3 hour movie requires more comfort!…It was a pretty warm night, but knowing the cinema can be cooler, I chose an outfit than could be added to…Denim Zipper Jeans from Zara, these are my go-to summer jeans..slightly shorter than regular jeans and the zip adds a casual feel..Sportsgirl khaki singlet with bold gold numbers and Nude Louboutin kicks.. Understated and easy….My wrap/poncho is from Vintage inspired label Strawberry and Champagne and was a purchase from a Los Angeles Boutique a couple of years ago..It is a beautiful pale French grey cashmere and wool blend with a spattering of gold, crystal and black jewels. I love wearing this piece..its super cosy and dresses up a really casual look..

We had 3 Aussie Day BBQs over the weekend, so it was a busy few days.. Catching up with friends and their kids is always such good times..On the Sunday afternoon we headed out and it was deceptively hot.. I chose my Zara Black shorts, Country Road Gold Zipper Singet,Witchery Wedges, added a vintage Chanel Necklace..and the best coverall of the season…The Country Road Open Knit Cardigan in Ivory..This piece has been my fave this summer..It covers you up just enough, so you can keep your outfit full summer stylin’..but a little discreet in all the right places..over the arms and bum..Its a good little cardi…

You may have noticed if you’ve seen my other Weekend Round Up posts, I tend to wear a lot of the same outfits, Just add a throw or a piece of jewellery to mix it up..I don’t always think you need to spend a bunch of money on your wardrobe to keep it on trend..Buy some inexpensive seasonal feature pieces, ones you know you’ll be sick of quickly, and spend more on the more classic, jewellery, wraps etc..These you can wear for years and enjoy with many outfits.. Do you buy your wardrobe this way too? I’m keen to hear how you shop…


As Australia Celebrates….Let’s Peek at My All Time Aussie Icons..

As Australia Celebrates….Let’s Peek at My All Time Aussie Icons..


Talented Aussies are taking over the world..In all genres, from the arts, to architecture, into the fashion world and and and medicine..Our new country is choc -o- block full of enormous talent and potential..and we are creating a storm..So to celebrate our nations special day..I have put together a list of my top picks of Pure Aussie…

Becca Cosmetics: Mineral Bronzing Powder                                                    Get a sun-kissed glow all year long without ever catching a ray!   Conveniently packaged in a mirrored compact, BECCA’s Mineral Bronzing Powder is the perfect way to tan safely, even on the go


Alexi Freeman: Fashion Designer                                                           Currently based in Melbourne, his collections for women incorporate elements of hand drawn & printed textiles. Avante Garde and slightly over the top..He is my new favourite designer and I want to hunt down his outfits and wear them all…

Sparkling Wines: Aussie grape growers are certainly challenging the overseas big boys..Our wines can rival those of the international counterparts. Croser sparkling is a fresh light Pinot Noir and you need no excuse to pop a bottle of this..Cheers..

Sugar Baby is the wonderful creation of sisters Lizie and Nicci Clifton. A dynamic duo behind this total lifestyle beauty brand. A love affair with all things beach culture, and a belief that all that glitters is gold was the incentive to create such cool products. The range is all amazing, I especially love the tanning sprays and cremes..but the take on the all Aussie favourite Zinc sun the bomb..

Another Aussie favourite of mine, is architect Robert Mills. I adore his aesthetic…The mix of products and the sheer interest in his building design is super amazing… his team create modern, sustainable and finely crafted spaces…His work is definitely one to watch..

So there you have it…a snippet of Aussie Icons on this our nations birthday..


Inspiration Yellow….

Inspiration Yellow….

I am in love with the colour’s uplifting and inspiring’s cheery and will put a smile on my face and a glint in my eye ..always.. You can wear it, decorate with it, accessorise with it…Hello not so mellow Yellow..Be inspired today by my selection of yellow images..

Rooms are glamorous when yellow is present..

The yellow accent in this room add a pop of chic..
The yellow accent in this room add a pop of chic..

Jewellery, costume or bespoke..Yellow is a fine colour to wear at anytime..

This large yellow sapphire would let your fingers sing..
This large yellow sapphire would let your fingers sing..

Imagine sipping on a Cafe Au Lait and heading home to this….J’adore

Bonjour Juane...Parisian architecture at its absolute best...
Bonjour Juane…Parisian architecture at its absolute best…

How to create drama in the fashion world…..add a yellow feather or 2..or 3..

This is runway ready..feathers ..
This is runway ready..feathers ..

Georgio Armani was definitely  on to something with this classic yellow and white colour

The classic '60s yellow combo..
The classic ’60s yellow combo..

Add a fresh feel to any room with the art as the yellow accent..

Arty vogue
Arty yellow…in vogue

Gold and White Bisazza Tiles are a Hollywood regency winner..take the glamour down a notch by splashing the casual yellow accent chairs …

Simple accessories keep this look casual..
Simple accessories keep this look casual..

I hope I have inspired you to soak up some yellow in your day…


Its Summer..Its Winter…Its Summer Again..How to Mix up the Seasons in One Day..

Its Summer..Its Winter…Its Summer Again..How to Mix up the Seasons in One Day..

How do you feel about taking a day or two of freezing winter temperatures, smack bang in the middle of the hot ‘ol Aussie Summer???…

Keen?..So am I..

There are 2 Places to visit in Melbourne where you can do just that ..The Medicare Icehouse, in Docklands and the Chill On Ice Lounge Bar, located right in the heart of Southbank..

I decided to take the kids Ice skating last week..and we had a ball..We Rugged up and hit the Ice rink at the Docklands..The centre features two Olympic sized ice skating rinks, stadium seating for 1000 people, state-of-the-art sound and light systems, a gymcafébar, and much more.Whether you’re a first-time ice skater or a skating enthusiast, Medibank Icehouse is sure to be your new favourite recreation destination.

It was fun..The kids took off..zipping in and out..Perfect..Me?…It doesn’t seem as easy as it used to be.. Images of split fingers and broken bones harnessed my inner ice angel..who desperately wanted to wear a leotard and white boots…and glide..and glide..and jump and spin…In my head..I was amazing..In reality..I would liken my Skating Style to that of doing the robot dance in a club..stilted and jerky..knees turned way too far in..and never to far from the rails…it took 2 songs to get 1 circuit under my belt…But let me tell those 2 songs were killer..Spice Girls and Michael Jackson..I swear I moonwalked..Not on purpose mind you.. It was a good day..And if you want to be a millionaire..Open a skating rink….Just sayin’

Next stop on this Summer come Winter Wonderland, is the Chill On Ice Ski Lounge, at Southbank..Ive not actually been here…But I know some courageous people who have..Its fun..Its a novelty..Its a conversation starter…Until your toes start to freeze..

Nothing works up a thirst quite like an Antarctic winter deep in the heart of Melbourne. In summer.  Enjoy a drink surrounded by more than 50 tonnes of carved ice. Everything within the Ice Lounge is made of ice – from the bar to lean against, the couch to lounge on, even the glass you drink from! State-of-the-art lighting sets the tone, a fan-forced blizzard quickly gets you in the mood, and exquisitely carved ice sculptures provide the cool decor. All the while, you are wrapped snug as a bug in a rug; in ski jackets, gloves and woollen boots the venue provide. So forget the Christian Louboutins and the sexy mini on this night out..Nothing looks good on blue skin and goosebumps….

Take a time out from summer for a day and night….if you dare……ok..back to the pool lounge to thaw out for me……



Weekend Round Up..Why I Wore Winter Clothes in Summer..

ImageI’m back from the balmy Bali holiday..and quite enjoying the warm Melbourne days..Good to be back with my kids and just hanging out…Nothing better..

So we decided to hit the Ice Rink..Head out of the sunshine, rug up and try our hand at figure 8’s….to 80’s music..But What to wear when its hot outside and then freezing inside??  Layers!..So, I Kept the summer colours rolling with my pink and white neon Zimmerman Beach Top with hoodie..Not totally freakish for the food market run after the skating..Sportsgirl Ink hide the future wet knees..layered  the Zara Black Puffer with gold clasp belt..and just for fun..the Forever New woollen head band with black floral embellishment..My kids vetoed my Ivory Russian Fur Hat..and my long faux fur coat..and my leg warmers too, actually!…Kids…

Saturday Night was dinner with a girlfriend and our kids..Italian Food and Wine..Chocolate Mousse and Coffee..Perfect night out.. So I Pulled out of the wardrobe for this casual affair..Black Cotton Pocket Pants from Cue…The Country Road Black Zipper top..and adding a Pop of this seasons favourite neon yellow Zara Cropped Jacket over the shoulder..and we out..

Sunday, I had arranged to meet a potential new designer for my business..So I was professional..on a Sunday..Just let that sink in before we go any further.                            On. A. Sunday…..                                                                                                                               Bone Zara Capri pants with brass studs…Black Boob Tube Under the bright Canary Yellow Decjuba swing top..Black perspex Chanel Bracelet..Black Marc Jacobs oversize handbag…Chanel Tortoiseshell Shades…Boss Lady Style…Something must have worked, because somehow I ended up driving one of my clients Aston Martin home that day..and employed a new staff member ..The stars aligned…

Enjoy your fashion choices…til next time..Sx

Hotel Tivoli Cantina..Intoxicating the senses..On all Levels…

Wanderlust Active Travel

Hola,    White Chalk Interiors in conjunction with Preston Hotels are Proud as Punch..or should we say invite you to a little slice of heaven..White Chalk signature designs and Preston Hotel’s savvy Bar and Cantina knowledge, combine together and the outcome is amaze balls…..This is the 4th venture for the chic team..and this knocks it out of the park..again…

From the minute you step inside The Hotel Tivoli In the CBD of Adelaide..You know you’re right on track….I”ll admit, Im a little biased..however, the decor has just the right amount of Cantina..and the Tapas Style Street Food has just the right amount of Spanish Flair to entice you…and Entice you it will….

Decor; : Herringbone Floors, Dark Sexy Leather Banquettes, Black and White Iconic Wall Murals, Gold Bisazza 24ct Mosaic Tiles and Oak Decal Walls……Enough said…..

Menu; : Antojitos, Street Snacks made with Love..Tostaditos, Crispy Corn Tortilla Topped Loud…

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Bali Eats n Drinks Diary Part 3…….Final..

Bali Eats n Drinks Diary Part 3…….Final..

The holiday is winding up…and I think we have managed to single handily eat or drink at every must see venue in Bali….I must thank my brother Piers, who is the tour leader extraordinaire. He researches restaurants and bars with a devout passion. He travels the globe with a dedicated & determined fierceness, to ensure no stone is left unturned when exploring new countries and all it has to offer. Thankyou.

Night #5

Pre dinner drinks @ Cocoon Beach Club. Situated at Double Six 66, has a slight Miami feel and a very chic design and vibe. Big White daybeds, perfect to just kick back and observe the clientele. Suited perfectly for daytime drinks and snacks, whilst overlooking the beach with the waves rolling in.. The service is faultless; friendly and attentive without being annoying. The cocktails are cold and hit the spot. The perfect blend of beach club cool with understated glam. I really like this place..We ate here last year and the food was faultless. This time is was just a quickie cocktail and then onto dinner..Cocoon, you deserve more recognition and I for one am happy to applaud you..

Next please… MAMA San Kitchen Bar Lounge…Upon entering MAMA San, I was impressed. Dark timber walls, detailed  fretwork panels with mirror, over sized chesterfield sofas, marble table tops and stunning pendant lights..All of my favourite materials in one place.. I was happy..Until, I was admonished by the wait staff for taking a picture..Let it be known, I take pics everywhere I go..In this age of social media overload and narcissistic selfie interaction, photos are a must do…At the end of the day, a pic posted is a venue promoted..So settle the hell down… Ok..moving on… I will start with the positives..the food was sublime…fresh and light…the decor was amazingly simple and effective….The negatives…we could not hear a thing our waiter all..the music piped slightly too loud for dinner… The seating was way too low..major design fault..the tables too high..its super uncomfortable to lounge back and eat dumplings with chop sticks, let me tell you..and the bathrooms were communal and the washbasin in full view of patrons..uber cool? or just bad taste…I’m disappointed that MAMA San was uncomfortable to dine in..I was looking forward to it..But won’t be rushing back…Lets hope we get back on track for Night 6..

Night #6 I stayed out shopping for longer than expected, and totally upset the 5pm pre dinner drink plan…oops…..Thats ok..Im sure thats what holidays are about…going with the flow…Anyhoo…Dinner was booked in advance for Metis..A French inspired 5 star restaurant and bar in Seminyak…so we headed straight to the bar for pre dinner drinks..(our driver was happy..and surprised to only be going to one place!)  We sat on the deck overlooking the rice paddy and sipped on Martinis and Bellinis and any other eenie..until it was time to move into the restaurant ..Booking early must have its advantages, because we were seated in the primo table spot..right at the open end of the room, closest to the rice was beautiful. A real mix of traditional rustic exteriors entwined with chic french style interior..a great blend. This was a really nice dinner. A light french Sangiovese complimented the Chateaubriand perfectly..however I was dubious about sampling the coffee. It is touted as being the most expensive in the world…at $20 a is brewed through non conventional methods..and a cat..enough said…Ice cream for one please ..sans coffee… Metis was a pleasure to dine in..and I would hurry back..

My waist has expanded and my taste buds have endured tastes it will remember for a life time..I hope you have enjoyed this sampler tour of Bali as much as I have enjoyed sampling it and sharing it with you..Until our next adventure..


Weekend Round up.. What I Wore To Bali


So this past week has seen a few outfit changes…Melbournes’ weather has been stinking hot and humid.. only for a day or 2 at a time….Typical..You just start getting into the heat..slapping on the faux tan..and the temp drops to sub zero and you smile and remember..its Melbourne..4 seasons in one day… So Monday night was warm and we grabbed the kids and headed to Chapel St, St Yarra..for our weekly dose of authentic Italian at La Lucciola ..the food is great, the waiters passionate  ..always more enjoyable!!…The kids adore it, the man adores it, I’m not cooking….what’s not to adore??..I wore a new Witchery Maxi the colour combo..the pinks and orange blend nicely..its a happy dress..teamed with fluro citrus flippy floppies, (gotta be on trend)…I guess??… and I was ready to get my Linguine Matriciana..On..

The next morning we headed to the airport. A trip to Bali for a kids this time…some time out. I always travel with a wrap or poncho..usually jeans or cargo pants..and 2 tops…just in case ….so I paired my Zara denims with a Witchery navy top, added this seasons Ivory Country Road loose knit as the cover all..wore the hat..Checked Passports…tick, money..tick,..locked luggage??..not ticked..So my case traveled the day after and I wore Pyjama Shorts for 24 hrs….Note to self..2 tops and 2 bottoms..In the carry on from now on….

Friday Night we hit the Mozaic Beach Club in Keroboken, the dress code was ‘smart casual’…sequins are smart and a playsuit is casual ..right?..This little cropped number, just covers the shoulder. The sequin bolero is from Tim O’Connor..and the playsuit..a $10 bargain from last years trip to Bali..Senso Perspex kicks and a top knot to tame the humid frizz mane, and its off to enjoy the balmy night life…and enjoy it we did….