What I Wore Christmas Day til Now….Weekend Round Up..


Christmas has Come..Whacked us upside the head..and left…..Til Next Year….

I actually love Christmas Day..Love the Pomp and Ceremony….Adore sorting the menus selections…Love dressing a table scape..trying hard at outdoing myself from the previous years table colours and theme….I enjoy it..all of it… and take pleasure in my family and friends feeling welcome and festive…Christmas in Australia is known for warm sunny skies, relaxed outdoor settings and men sporting Linen Shorts and Linen Shirts…dressed up, but in a Tommy Bahamas  kind of way..

Hand in Hand with the warm French Champs buzz, the outfit of choice for the gals is also important….Because of the weather..Women usually wear liter colours..linens, silks, caftans, keeping it simple and perhaps overloading the jewels or shoes as the hero piece ..

I don’t wear skirts often, its not my go to choice for daily wear, however, Xmas Day this year i wanted to show off my New Senso Perspex heels, so a skirt choice it was…Beige n Gold Boucle and Sequin skirt from Banana Republic in Malibu…a new pale shell silk Tee from Witchery, purchased post haste Christmas Eve…plus Hermes bracelets as my arm candy..hair pulled back so I wasn’t working a sweat in the kitchen…and I was ready to roll..

The next day was my gorgeous Aunties 80th Birthday, celebrating at the Langham Hotel at Southbank..Perspex heels, again, plus a Witchery black lace full skirt..again and a 2 seasons ago Forever New Chiffon nude top….simple choice for a hot day at the Buffet for over eating..hmmmm

A few days later the sunny skies turned grey, still muggy, but not so sunny…Zara Jeans with ankle zips…Fluro Fip Flops…an off white t from Zara and my favourite fluffy vest EVER..the Trilogy Baby Llama Wool Blonde Vest purchased in NYC last year…Love that vest to pieces…

So there you have it..Keeping it simple..adding some trend hero pieces and enough loose items to help with the – Festive-Season-Diet-Starts-on-The-1st… tummy expansion…

What did You wear this year…Are you Festive, Formal, or Friendly in your wardrobe selections…How ever you rolled it out..I hope you enjoyed every moment of it…


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