No Excuse for A Bad Hair Day..Ever Again..

No Excuse for A Bad Hair Day..Ever Again..

dry-bar-exteriorI have to admit something….I Am A Cheater. Yep, you read it right..I am currently cheating on my regular hairdresser; with my Blow Out Bar. There. I said it. And it Feels Good to get it Out.. Once a week, usually on a Saturday, for years, I have been getting my hair blow waved at my local hair salon. I rarely wash my own hair. If ever. Its thick, its curly..and not in a Now Sexy Nicole Kidman way, more like BMX Bandit Style..and its just too damn hard to do…So I Prefer to Out source..And it seems, so do a helluva lotta other gals out there…


With the sheer amount of Blow Dry Bars opening up everywhere, worldwide, It is set to become the Biggest Business Beauty Venture..Ever. Vanity? Or just Convenient ?

“This isn’t your generic blow-dry experience,” says hairstylist Sally Hershberger of her cool new 440-square-foot salon at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. For one, the white-on-white Philippe Starck–designed space is devoted entirely to custom styling.  Its slick and sexy and uber chic..and for approx $95 USD you can bounce out of there with the best Hollywood Hair…img-sally-hershberger-blow-out-bar_124602739751.jpg_article_singleimage

DryBar In Los Angeles, is a little more Cost effective at $35, and this company is set to make zillions in the next few years..The decor is simple and clean and very cool..I actually had a ‘blow-out’ at the Sunset Blvd Salon when I was in lA recently and it was worth every cent…Pops of yellow accents throughout, a glass of Bubbly and clean big  hair…Just because you are travelling, doesn’t mean your hair needs to let the team down..



So a little closer to home, and becoming just as popular, our very own Blow Dry Bars are starting slow but here to stay… Toorak and Hampton, even the South Melbourne Markets has Blow Dry only Salons…I still go to Loxx, my regular Hair stylist for my cut and colour, but for $29 bucks on a Monday Morning…I sneak into The Runway Room in Hampton…Its quick, cheap and helps for a damn fine selfie…


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