De Constructed & Delightful..Decanter Lights….You Had me At Hello….

500x500xIqlsqXfg8KrT8-pin.jpg.pagespeed.ic.GZ80f_YkqVI love a good Lighting Concept….Whilst stumbling along looking for some Eclectic Lighting for a Project we are currently designing..I happened across these Gorgeous Little Gems….And – I -Fell – Head – Over – Heels – In -Love…How could You Not??


Granted these Lights are not Necessarily a New Concept..However ..with the Gold Globe Holder and Flex Cord..It adds a New Touch Of Glamour and Sophistication to the Traditional Crystal….Lee Broom, A UK based Designer, Who won the British Design Awards 2011.. has created these Amazingly Amazing…..Pieces of Treasure….Thankyou Lee Broom

LeeBroom3Group Them In Cluster Over a Dining Table or Desk….Stagger them At Different Heights….A Collection of the Same Objects always En Masse..Creates Drama..

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-1Take this Humble..Slightly Old World Light Fixture and Run with It…Take to A Fully Chic Commercial Space..Take it to a Modern Warehouse..Take it to A Cottage…Take It to a Powder Room or Master Suite…..My Advice is..Obviously..Take It Anywhere…Then Take the Compliments and You will Receive for Doing So…..


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