Wanderlust Diary | India

Wanderlust Diary | India



So..This is how the story goes….My girlfriend texts me one day about 6 weeks ago..”Do You Want To go to A Trade Fair in India..In 3 weeks…?”…I text back immediately… “YES”


So without any questions about why we should or shouldn’t go to India, we went! We were off to the most incredible, amazing, stimulating, sensory overloaded country you can ever, ever imagine…


The flight from Melbourne to Singapore was a regular flight. It was confronting arriving at the Dehli Airport..the noise, the crowds, the smells. A truly unique experience, and one I am unlike to forget.

We had arranged a driver to collect us from the airport, which I believe is always the most convenient way to go when arriving in a foreign country. Especially India.

I had reservations at The Imperial Hotel…Mainly selected for its central location, but also due to the impressive architectural detail, marble overload and an old world aesthetic. All wrapped up in 5 Star Luxury.

It was breathtaking..It was Old School India at its best….traditional but so chic and classic..Exactly where I wanted to stay….



The Valet Attendants…Look at the Amazing Uniforms and Detail..So Proper, So Elegant..So India!!!…

And…I have so much more to Share….We haven’t even talked about the trade fair yet!!… Or The Taj Mahal..Or the Bollywood Wedding…..!!!

Intoxicating India Part 1…….Stay Tuned for Part 2 Next week……Sx

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