Christmast Time…Love and Lust for these Decor Settings…

‘Tis the Season….

I was having lunch Today with my Friend..and We got into a lovely in depth chat about how We were Planning to Decorate Our Christmas Tables this year….

Colour Themes, Floral Arrangements, High Settings Versus Low..Candles, Colours and In General…

How-Can-We-Better-What-We-Did-Last-Year??….No pressure Here!!

Last Year I Created a Beautiful Gold And White Theme..Royal Doulton Antique Dinner Ware..Gold Bauble Napkin Holders, Crisp White Linen Table Cloth ..and Tall Glass Candelabra….The best part of the Decor was undoubtedly the Pink Mumm Champs tho!!..

163652_180887785272255_3534276_nThis Year…I All about Mirrors & Reflective, Candles and Fresh White Flowers…So I am Dressing the Table in the Traditional White Linen….Throwing In to the Mix ..a Panel of Mirror right Down the Centre..Then Layering up Crystal Bowls, Candles on the Mirror Table Top..Layers and Layers of Sparkling…Or So it would seem……

What is Your Theme??……Sx

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