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What I Wore Christmas Day til Now….Weekend Round Up..


Christmas has Come..Whacked us upside the head..and left…..Til Next Year….

I actually love Christmas Day..Love the Pomp and Ceremony….Adore sorting the menus selections…Love dressing a table scape..trying hard at outdoing myself from the previous years table colours and theme….I enjoy it..all of it… and take pleasure in my family and friends feeling welcome and festive…Christmas in Australia is known for warm sunny skies, relaxed outdoor settings and men sporting Linen Shorts and Linen Shirts…dressed up, but in a Tommy Bahamas  kind of way..

Hand in Hand with the warm French Champs buzz, the outfit of choice for the gals is also important….Because of the weather..Women usually wear liter colours..linens, silks, caftans, keeping it simple and perhaps overloading the jewels or shoes as the hero piece ..

I don’t wear skirts often, its not my go to choice for daily wear, however, Xmas Day this year i wanted to show off my New Senso Perspex heels, so a skirt choice it was…Beige n Gold Boucle and Sequin skirt from Banana Republic in Malibu…a new pale shell silk Tee from Witchery, purchased post haste Christmas Eve…plus Hermes bracelets as my arm pulled back so I wasn’t working a sweat in the kitchen…and I was ready to roll..

The next day was my gorgeous Aunties 80th Birthday, celebrating at the Langham Hotel at Southbank..Perspex heels, again, plus a Witchery black lace full skirt..again and a 2 seasons ago Forever New Chiffon nude top….simple choice for a hot day at the Buffet for over eating..hmmmm

A few days later the sunny skies turned grey, still muggy, but not so sunny…Zara Jeans with ankle zips…Fluro Fip Flops…an off white t from Zara and my favourite fluffy vest EVER..the Trilogy Baby Llama Wool Blonde Vest purchased in NYC last year…Love that vest to pieces…

So there you have it..Keeping it simple..adding some trend hero pieces and enough loose items to help with the – Festive-Season-Diet-Starts-on-The-1st… tummy expansion…

What did You wear this year…Are you Festive, Formal, or Friendly in your wardrobe selections…How ever you rolled it out..I hope you enjoyed every moment of it…


Click your Fingers and Relax in a Opulent Day Spa…My Around The World Top Picks


Ok..So here how its gone down…world wide..Christmas has swooped in and taken over our lives this week…We have all celebrated the festive season with loved ones..close friends…distant relatives..or work colleagues..We have all eaten too much food, drunk too much champagne, laughed til we’ve cried..and cried til we laughed…..and..lets be  honest..its bloody exhausting !..

So what better way to unwind and settle in for the New Years Celebrations preparation, than to check in to a very opulent, very OTT Day Spa and just breathe…..If thats not possible for you..right now..Take a look at some of the best Spas Worldwide listed by Conde Naste in 2012….and One or Two listed by me….Now…


The 2 images above are from the Crown Towers in Melbourne..I visited The Newly refurbished Spa today for a treatment and the design and furnishings are just divine..Breathtakingly divine..Designed by Singapore-based architect and interior designer, Michael Fiebrich, Crown Spa features a soothing palette of pale blues, greens and neutral tones inspired by nature. The “experience corridor” with customised carpet and hand-painted silk feature walls is welcoming and comforting..

So Spa, Sofitel Legend; Aswan Eygypt

The look: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra. Treatment rooms look like medical offices, though there’s a pharaonic temple–themed pool surrounded by mosaicked pillars.

Who goes: Well-preserved French repeat visitors; Turkish businessmen on holiday; Americans at the end of luxury Nile cruises.


Laniwai Spa; Oahu Hawaii

A place of healing waters: There’s a pool for detoxing and a mineral one for revitalization, plus six outdoor rain showers, in the spa’s 23,000 square feet.

The look: Inside, tranquil wood-paneled corridors lead past a central “wishing pool” into treatment rooms; outside, landscaped gardens house coed pools and massage table


Talise Ottoman Spa; Dubai United Emirates

The biggest hammam in the Middle East—plus separate ladies’ and gentlemen’s spas, a couples’ spa, and treatments ranging from 30-minute facials to four-hour rituals using Aromatherapy Associates and Kerstin Florantin products.

The look: Palatial. Think Ottoman Empire at its height: marble, mosaics, murals, silk drapes, wooden latticing, domed ceilings, and two private courtyards.

Who goes: Young Arab ladies who lunch, and less-glamorous Western holidaymakers.


Armani Spa; Milan Italy

 A glass-walled rooftop sanctuary where you can see Milan from sumptuous vantage points—including a heated infinity pool, a relaxation room, a juice bar, and a gym.

The look: Mr. Armani’s influence is felt in every shimmering champagne square inch of the 11,000-square-foot space, from the mosaic-tiled private shower rooms to the hand-painted stucco walls.

Who goes: La Milano bene, celebs (Beyoncé, Serena and Venus Williams).


Sahra Spa and Hammam; Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

Recently On a trip to Vegas, I was lucky in love and stayed at the Brand New Cosmopolitan Hotel…I was also lucky enough to enter and discover a truly unique experience. A true oasis, Sahra could rise only from the desert. Breathtaking natural walls mirror poetic slot canyons. Veins of silver thread throughout, while silver ceilings mimic nights lit by moon and stars.  Long, dramatic hallways lead to experiences no less powerful. Sink into the Space Between, a serenity lounge where falling waters are heard and absolute calm settles in a dramatic, soul-soaring atmosphere.

A monsoon cave rains serenity. The steam room gets reimagined, unveiling a cool micromist. Bask on a giant stone slab, heated from within as if by an eternal sun. This motherstone is the center of our signature hammam room and treatments.

So if this has inspired you to take a breath in and relax, get centred, get pampered, get some time out..thats perfect….if not??..You need to chill out man…..For reals..

Enjoy the week before NYE..Stay safe..


No Excuse for A Bad Hair Day..Ever Again..

No Excuse for A Bad Hair Day..Ever Again..

dry-bar-exteriorI have to admit something….I Am A Cheater. Yep, you read it right..I am currently cheating on my regular hairdresser; with my Blow Out Bar. There. I said it. And it Feels Good to get it Out.. Once a week, usually on a Saturday, for years, I have been getting my hair blow waved at my local hair salon. I rarely wash my own hair. If ever. Its thick, its curly..and not in a Now Sexy Nicole Kidman way, more like BMX Bandit Style..and its just too damn hard to do…So I Prefer to Out source..And it seems, so do a helluva lotta other gals out there…


With the sheer amount of Blow Dry Bars opening up everywhere, worldwide, It is set to become the Biggest Business Beauty Venture..Ever. Vanity? Or just Convenient ?

“This isn’t your generic blow-dry experience,” says hairstylist Sally Hershberger of her cool new 440-square-foot salon at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. For one, the white-on-white Philippe Starck–designed space is devoted entirely to custom styling.  Its slick and sexy and uber chic..and for approx $95 USD you can bounce out of there with the best Hollywood Hair…img-sally-hershberger-blow-out-bar_124602739751.jpg_article_singleimage

DryBar In Los Angeles, is a little more Cost effective at $35, and this company is set to make zillions in the next few years..The decor is simple and clean and very cool..I actually had a ‘blow-out’ at the Sunset Blvd Salon when I was in lA recently and it was worth every cent…Pops of yellow accents throughout, a glass of Bubbly and clean big  hair…Just because you are travelling, doesn’t mean your hair needs to let the team down..



So a little closer to home, and becoming just as popular, our very own Blow Dry Bars are starting slow but here to stay… Toorak and Hampton, even the South Melbourne Markets has Blow Dry only Salons…I still go to Loxx, my regular Hair stylist for my cut and colour, but for $29 bucks on a Monday Morning…I sneak into The Runway Room in Hampton…Its quick, cheap and helps for a damn fine selfie…


Weekend Round Up…What I Wore…

Weekend Round Up…What I Wore…


Wow….what a Busy Week..Christmas , kids and working will do that to you! Scrambling to keep my kit together, look somewhat normal and hopefully on trend.. you gotta team outfits that can take you from office to school concert.. to shots of Petrone with your girlfriends ..and home again!
A steaming hot Melbourne Thursday Required the outfit Of choice to get me from AM to PM..with no stopping in between ..First thing..Off to an early morning client meeting in St Kilda to discuss a hotel design fitout..full workday..then my youngest daughters school art trail in the early evening ..with the final stop being my Thursday night Foxtel Girls night to watch Arena’s Million Dollar Decorator…Thursdays fashion choice..Zara white jeans with gold zippers…Witchery stone colored crepe cape top..perfect for hot days..and my Nod to the Chrissy Season..The one and only Thurley Gold Disc jacket…Oldie but a goodie…..Love this cropped jacket to pieces….
Friday nite Drinks with girls …Muggy Melbourne I wore the Witchery Peach new best friend….with my Sportsgirl Ink Skinny Leg Cargos…..Hermes Black and Gold Cuff to add some Christmas Glam….Hair down….It’s Friday night after all..
Saturday.??? nursing a massive way to much of everything hangover…Only requirement…Blue Mirrored Aviators …Need I say more????


Cat Deeley is Super Cute and Super Stylish and I’m Super Starstruck….Check out Her Digs..

Cat Deeley is Super Cute and Super Stylish and I’m Super Starstruck….Check out Her Digs..


Click On the Link Above to read what I’ve re-blogged from The Modern Palm Blog…

I Love the sofa..the soft curve, the sexy commands attention….and deserves it too….I would simply love a space to house a sofa like this..Somewhere to Totally Flop into after a Crazy Day…Hmmm..Might need to be Build me a new room!!…


De Constructed & Delightful..Decanter Lights….You Had me At Hello….

500x500xIqlsqXfg8KrT8-pin.jpg.pagespeed.ic.GZ80f_YkqVI love a good Lighting Concept….Whilst stumbling along looking for some Eclectic Lighting for a Project we are currently designing..I happened across these Gorgeous Little Gems….And – I -Fell – Head – Over – Heels – In -Love…How could You Not??


Granted these Lights are not Necessarily a New Concept..However ..with the Gold Globe Holder and Flex Cord..It adds a New Touch Of Glamour and Sophistication to the Traditional Crystal….Lee Broom, A UK based Designer, Who won the British Design Awards 2011.. has created these Amazingly Amazing…..Pieces of Treasure….Thankyou Lee Broom

LeeBroom3Group Them In Cluster Over a Dining Table or Desk….Stagger them At Different Heights….A Collection of the Same Objects always En Masse..Creates Drama..

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-1Take this Humble..Slightly Old World Light Fixture and Run with It…Take to A Fully Chic Commercial Space..Take it to a Modern Warehouse..Take it to A Cottage…Take It to a Powder Room or Master Suite…..My Advice is..Obviously..Take It Anywhere…Then Take the Compliments and You will Receive for Doing So…..


Fashion Update ..Christmas Caroling in the Park…

Its Hot..Its Summer..and Its Christmas…Perfect

Every year we head out to the Local Christmas Carols in the Park.


Caroling, Fireworks, A visit from Santa…A glass or 2, or 3.. of Rose and the Picnic Hamper Stuffed with  easy to eats, that I manage to grab before all Decent Food is Gone from Any Store….. …….After a crazy busy work day running around Everywhere….We race Home so I can quickly throw off the Work Do..and Change into..Mum’s Ready to go Caroling Do…. Heres how it went down….  Navy Linen Baggy Shorts from Witchery, Hiding a Multitude of Sins…Teamed with My Newest; Im -So-Glad-I-Tried-This-On -and-I-Love-It..Peach Soft Knit, also From Witchery..I popped a skin tone tank underneath to give the impression of Nude, and Keep the Peach the Hero….The Original Havana Fedora, is a Staple for Bad Hair days…And adds a touch of Groove to the ensemble…And because Melbourne can change weather Patterns in a NY minute..My new Bassike Denim Jacket..Worth-Every-Cent..Thrown over the Shoulders, once the Sun Went down…..and We Good to Go…


Far la la la la..La La La La…….Sx


Pantone Got it Right This Year….Emerald Green…It’s You I Adore..

Pantone Got it Right This Year….Emerald Green…It’s You I Adore..

Green With Envy..Green Eyed Monster…Going Green…All of these Sayings Evoke Passion..Evoke Drama..Evoke the Senses..

And the Winner is…..Emerald Green…This Years top Choice for Pantone Colour For 2013….

I ve been a big Fan of Green for years now..years…Love it..Love to use it in the Decorative, the Fashion and the Makeup…

Below are of my Favourite Greens……3290468163_d33d5efdd2 green kelly wearstler

The Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica..Quite Possibly My Favourite Hotel in Lax…The reception is Amaze…..The Bathrooms Are Divine…Sunday session Here is Super Cool..

green shoes main tumblr_m0ss2qFBxp1qchsryo1_400

Pop of Green ..Top and Bottom…The are just Plain Sexy..The Eyes are Smokin’ Hot…..J’Ador…

image.axd_ 10943133-green-cocktail-on-the-rocks-in-a-cocktail-glass

Drape me in Green Silk and Hand me My Cocktail…..Swooon…..

kw_green_room viceroy-santa-monica-front-desk KELLY-WEARSTLER-Lounge

More Viceroy Hotel, Designed By the Infamous Kelly Wearstler..(ssshhh…my secret designer girl crush)…This Chick Sure Knows How to Splash the Green Around Brilliantly…Proving After All…It may just be easier than we thought to be Green….


3 Ways To Wear Sass and Bide…Weekend Roundup

3 Ways To Wear Sass and Bide…Weekend Roundup

ImageSo…One top, 3 ways…Love the versatility of this Sass and Bide slinky knit singlet with the sparkle and pop of neon to keep it on trend…

Saturday saw the singlet teamed with white Jeans and Black Havaianas for a casual food market shop fest…Easy Breezy..

Sunday saw the singlet slightly more dressy,  with the Linen Jacket and Black Jeans… for a Sunday Lunch catch up with friends…

Friday saw the singlet head to Work for a day Full Of meetings with Clients.. the Black Fleur Wood cropped Jacket added a touch of Business to my new Best Friend…

A New Way to Describe a 3 Way Perhaps…??…Sx