All things Celebrity …Crushes, Icons, & Sightings….

Who is your celebrity crush??.. Someone you would
jump bridges to meet…Whether its an inspirational character who you aspire to be like, or a reality star you just want to meet for 5 minutes…and ask really???..Icons have that certain somethin’ somethin’ & the fame is often fleeting..Here are few of mine..some Ive met, and some I may …one day…Sx

The beautiful Elizabeth Hurley and me at our local netball game..she’s just gorgeous..

Would just love to hang out super music star Gwen Stefani.. fit n fierce..

Kelly Wearstler is the ultimate; interior / fashion  designer taking over the world….crush much?
 Bad, bad boy…..Sing me a tune……Need I say more??


Louis Theroux…my number pic for a dinner party..aaahhh the stories he would tell..


Who are your Celebrity Icons…Tell me…..Sx

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