Month: November 2012

Celebrities Before They Were Famous…

Celebrities Before They Were Famous…

Celebrities Before They Were Famous…

Ever wondered what the Celebs did to earn a Buck before they were discovered…Take a Peek….

You say Roof Top Bars.??…I say..Lets Get the Weekend Started Right..Thank God its Friday..

You say Roof Top Bars.??…I say..Lets Get the Weekend Started Right..Thank God its Friday..


I love the Mondrian……The Mondrian Hotel in True Hollywood Style..Personified….It oozes LAX SEXY….

The Sky Bar is where you must Go. Now. Sip a Moscow Mule or a Grapefruit Vodka Buzz and relax on the white Banquettes overlooking the Hollywood Hills….Or take a dip and Listen to the Underwater Music piped throughout the Pool…I love the Chilled Vibe here…Its Super Dark and Super Chic..

Mondrian Hotel  8440 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

EAST COAST : In true NYC style The Ink 48 Hotel on 11th Ave is well worth the Trek…

Head to the 16th Floor of the INK48 Hotel and mix with the cool NY crowd..Sip Champagne…Snack on a Bevvy of treats…and Watch it all go down..True New York Style…..Make Sure You get there for Sunset..Its is so worth it…Be warned ..Winter is Cold…So Rug Up and Throw Back some Schnapps, and Catch a Snowflake on your tongue….

Ink 48 Hotel Review 653 11th Ave (at 48th St), 212-757-2224, Sun.-–Tue. 5:30pm–1am, Wed.–Sat. 5:30pm–midnight.

Whats your Favourite Roof Top Bar??…

Wherever….You….Go…..Sip a Drink and Enjoy the Weekend….Cheers…Sx

My Celebrity Crush Today is…Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum…..Obviously..

My Celebrity Crush Today is…Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum…..Obviously..

I Was Recently Lucky enough to be invited to The ‘Red Ball’, at Crown in Melbourne..The Sexy Wolverine Hugh Jackman ,was the Host of this Fabby Event.. he Sang, he Danced, he Flirted with Crowd, he told everyone how much he Loved his wife Deb..aawww Cute…It was a Top
Notch Nite..I loved it..

The place was crammed full of celebrities..But the one chap i was chuffed to meet , was good ‘ol Molly… The Icon of the Aussie Music Scene…He looked Fit and Fab and it was a Pleasure to see him Out n About enjoying himself…

So, the Music Theme keeps rolling…..Who shaped your Musical Genre?..I have listed a few of Mine..Some of who I Danced too, Some of who I Cried too…Some of who I sang Loud and Proud too..How ever it went down…These Music Icons took me from Tween to Right Now…….Sx

HACKED………IKEA…Take a Peek at the New DIY Trend Taking over the Flat Pack Set……

HACKED………IKEA…Take a Peek at the New DIY Trend Taking over the Flat Pack Set……


YOU just gotta love IKEA…No matter what we go in to the Swedish Mega store to seems we all come out with a few more Brown Flat Packs & Allen Key Sets than we bargained for… Always…

Well now, lets add some decorator savvy to our  standard IKEA pieces..and take it up a notch..or 2..

Take this Ikea Eterge below, Its come standard in black or white….A few spray cans of gold paint later..and Voila!..a perfectly Parisian Vignette for the most discerning of home decorators…I have actually tried this..and it worked..and it looks fab!

Next item hot on the DYI Motif Decals..Purchased fro the USA, these amazing O’verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels. You can paint them and attach easily to the furniture, Bookshelves or Mirrors….Instant Upgrade…. Without Cashing in your FF Points…Love. Love. Love.

And finally..The Pièce_de_Résistance. ..Inspired by the Edgy Slightly Punky Grafitti Days….the IKEA Dresser….which comes in Plain Pine and can be Dressed how ever you like..Let the kids go crazy with the paint tubes in Neon colours…and watch their Creativity flow ..and flow….

How would you HACK IKEA???.. …..Send me your pics…Happy DIY’ing  ……Sx


Move over Snake Serum..There’s a New Kid in Town…..Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel…..Will You Join The Hollywood Trend for Better Looking Skin???

Move over Snake Serum..There’s a New Kid in Town…..Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel…..Will You Join The Hollywood Trend for Better Looking Skin???

Snake Serum and Bee Venom are sooo 2011….Get with the Hollywood A-Listers and  add a Little Dragons Blood to your nightstand…Dubbed the ‘Liquid Facelift‘ Dragon’s Blood works by adding must have volume to sallow , drab skin.
The gel, which reduces skin sagging while boosts elasticity, is actually made from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree.

And Lady Gaga has allegedly been using the cream to prepare for the Golden Globes. And allegedly Angelina Jolie. And allegedly Blake Lively. And allegedly Gwyneth Paltrow…Surely All these allegedlys’ cant be wrong??

Not allegedly, but fully factual…My 72 year Mother has started using the Skin Physics version and it was actually she who made me aware that such a cream existed…I disputed her claim that it was the next big thing…because, i said, “Mum..Dragons don’t really exist” however she assures me..its doing its thing, and it feels lovely on the skin…..and Let me tell you…my Mother would know..she can sniff out the next best thing in the cosmetics department a mile off…She has an uncanny knack for doing such a thing…Some may say..Cosmetic Junkie??

The Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel, was ear marked as one of Vanity Fairs Top 5 Beauty Products… & The Skin Physics Dragon Blood Sculpting Gel was listed on Madisons Magazine 5 to Try..

Soooo…I’m gonna give it a whirl…I will get me some Dragons Blood and slap it on my face…and see which comes first..Smoother Firmer Skin…or Breathing Fire…???

Wish Me Luck….Sx

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Hotel Tivoli Cantina..Intoxicating the senses..On all Levels…

Hola,    White Chalk Interiors in conjunction with Preston Hotels are Proud as Punch..or should we say invite you to a little slice of heaven..White Chalk signature designs and Preston Hotel’s savvy Bar and Cantina knowledge, combine together and the outcome is amaze balls…..This is the 4th venture for the chic team..and this knocks it out of the park..again…

From the minute you step inside The Hotel Tivoli In the CBD of Adelaide..You know you’re right on track….I”ll admit, Im a little biased..however, the decor has just the right amount of Cantina..and the Tapas Style Street Food has just the right amount of Spanish Flair to entice you…and Entice you it will….

Decor; : Herringbone Floors, Dark Sexy Leather Banquettes, Black and White Iconic Wall Murals, Gold Bisazza 24ct Mosaic Tiles and Oak Decal Walls……Enough said…..

Menu; : Antojitos, Street Snacks made with Love..Tostaditos, Crispy Corn Tortilla Topped Loud and Proud, Tacos, Quesadilla filled and grilled….Cantina Share Plates Mixed with Classic Pub Food..Washed down with Icy cold Cervezas, or hit the spot hard Tequila …

My favourite snack is the Fresh Corn Tortilla with the Guacamole & Pico de Gallo, and the Huitlacoche ; Corn Truffle, Roasted Mushrooms with Spinach and Truffle oil…..& Keep ’em coming….

Hotel Tivoli, known as Adelaide’s premiere boutique venue, continues to excite its guests with an ever increasing repertoire of weekly events. The food offering is constantly evolving and takes advantage of South Australia’s abundance of unique produce. Go see for yourself….

Margarita Anyone…….Sx

265 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Are Pyjamas the Fashionistas New Outer Wear..Or a just Fashion Faux Paux??

Are Pyjamas the Fashionistas New Outer Wear..Or a just Fashion Faux Paux??

On Friday I drove my daughter to school my pyjamas…

Ok..there it’s out there..Granted, I have been working from home this week due to my recent surgery, and  I must state the PJs in question Are Peter Alexander… still begs the question..Am I one of the many mothers out there taking the easy way out and not dressing pre drop off..or fast on the heels of the new Hollywood Trend…

Glamorous Silky SleepWear has hit the runways and Red Carpets and the A- Listers are are embracing this trend whole heartedly..May Hugh Hefner has been onto something all along…

I will also own the fact that I am actually a repeat offender..I have be known to duck into the supermarket late at night in PJ’s and my Ugg Boots..for the late night milk and bread run..However on this particular day in question..I also paid a visit to my local Barista for my morning coffee…Whilst passing by I saw a mature / slightly tubby male Cyclist in his all red way too tight lycra getting  coffee….and floral PA PJ were tots acceptable…

There is new currently a new law being discussed in New Zealand, where it will be deemed illegal dress in your fave PJ’s and don them as outer wear..Personally this is taking things too far..Some Sleepwear is far more conservative than the current trends in daytime fashion…

Are you in Favour of Inner wear staying In..Or taking it out to the streets??..Sx